Random Tuesday Thoughts

Keely at The Un-Mom started Random Tuesday Thoughts and we thought we would join in the fun. Stop by her blog and check out her awesome randomness.


In less than 2 months we’re supposed to be going to Disney World to pick up our daughter. She’s down there doing an internship and having lots of fun. As you might expect, our 2 younger children are excited, but one of them, our 6 year old, J-Man, has a few concerns. You see, he will celebrate his 7th birthday while we are there. Most children would be excited beyond belief. I mean, really, could it get any better than that, celebrating your birthday at Disney World?  Not J-Man, he’s worried about a few things, like getting gypped out of a kids party and presents. I managed to convince him that we would have a kids party for him after we got home and he finally seemed okay with it then the matter of the prize box came up. Apparently, when it’s your birthday at school, Mrs. G, his teacher, has a prize box and the birthday child gets to pick out a prize. It’s a big deal and he’s worried he’s not going to get his prize. I assured him that his teacher would let him get his prize. Then he was worried his teacher would pass out the book order forms while we’re away and he’d miss a new Skippy Jon Jones book. Fortunately, he came home with the book orders last week and there are two new Skippy Jon Jones books to buy.  Phew! I think we’ve got his concerns about Disney taken care of, but I’m pretty sure he’ll come up with some more before we leave.

Sissy has discovered The Amazing Race this season and looks forward to watching it every Sunday night with me. If you’re a fan of the show, then you recall that last week’s episode involved a member of each team racing through Siberia in their underwear. This brought up lots of unexpected underwear questions from my daughter. One of the women on the show said “I don’t wear underwear.”

Sissy:  “She doesn’t wear underwear? Why doesn’t she wear underwear?”

Me: “Ummm, I’m not sure? But that’s kinda gross.”

Sissy: “Ya, that’s gross.”

The we had the blond flight attendant running in her thong and every time they showed her from the back, her bottom was blurred.

Sissy: “What do you think happened to her underwear to rip like that? Do you think she fell?”

Me: “No, she didn’t fall and they’re not ripped. They’re supposed to be that way.”

Sissy: “Ewww! Why would anyone wear underwear like that.”

Me: “Ummmm, they think it looks better under their pants.”

Sissy: “Oh.”

Today, Sissy got home from school and said she had an “almost perfect day.” I’m thinking, hey, that’s pretty good, almost perfect. I never get that. Apparently, her almost perfect and my almost perfect are two different things. Then she told me that she got bitten by a third grader on the bus ride home. That was what ruined her perfect day. She was sitting in the front seat and there were only a few kids on the bus. The driver was in the middle of the aisle talking to some boys and they were waiting for more kids to get on. Then this little third grader came over near Sissy and opened the bus driver’s personal compartment. Sissy asked her what she was doing and the little girl said she was looking for Jolly Ranchers. Now Sissy can be a little like Spongebob in The Hall Monitor episode, so she took it upon herself to tell the little girl that she couldn’t get anything out of there and closed the lid. Then held it down so the little girl couldn’t open it. That’s when she got bitten on her arm. Thank goodness she had on her winter coat so it didn’t really do too much damage. But really, you’d think a third grader would be past the biting stage.


I’ve realized Facebook is draining a lot of my time out of my day.  I’ve been sucked in to what people are doing, who’s saying what, and who’s writing on who’s wall.  I joined Facebook for more traffic for the blog, but ended up filling out notes, and sending people cyber crap, I don’t understand it either.

Working out is not fun.  Maybe to some people it is, but to me, it just sucks.  I sweat, get out of breath, and ache all over.  Plus I don’t ever see results!  I don’t know, maybe I’m suppose to eat better too.  I’m taking a vitamin now, what more do I need to do?

What causes jealousy?  Do you start to get jealous when you start to get older?  Maybe after you’ve had a couple kids?  I don’t know what causes it, but I DON’T like it!  I was never jealous, I mean never, but now, I’m a head spinning, pea soup hurling maniac.  Where’d that come from and how do I cure it?  Please don’t tell me to work out more, I don’t like that either.

I realized tonight that my 10 year old is embarrassed to be seen with me.  At 10!  Isn’t that a bit early?  We were going into his band/chorus concert, and he walked about 30 ft ahead of me!  I wasn’t wearing yoga pants or anything, I was still dressed up from work.  It probably didn’t help that I kept yelling at him to slow down, etc.  That’s probably why he sped up and went right into the school!

It also doesn’t matter if I come to his school events.  There I sat alone, waiting for my husband and youngest son to get there.  I went early because our oldest had to be there 45 minutes before the concert.  And along comes the band to come in and sit, I see my son, say his name and wave.  Guess what he says to me, “Where’s Dad?”.  Not hi Mom, just “Where’s Dad? ”  Which I replied with, “they’ll be here any minute don’t worry“.  So what am I?  Apparently not as important as Dad.