Random Tuesday Thoughts

Keely at The Un-Mom started Random Tuesday Thoughts and we thought we would join in the fun. Stop by her blog and check out her awesome randomness.


I’ve been trying to figure out things to do with the boys, and I decided that they would love to go to The Museum of Science, and take the train in to Boston.  Who wants to drive into Boston anyways?  So, I looked online, and basically it would cost over $20 a piece to go!  WTH?  They always tell you to go to a museum with your kids, and that it’s educational, well, why the hell does educational cost a fortune?  Luckily I got passes through our town library so it’ll only cost us $5 a piece, and the kids are free on the train on weekends. But if none of that was available, it would cost us over $200 to take the train, and go to the museum.  That is just ridiculous!

I have an issue with a lot of things.  One of those issues is with feet.  Most people know this about me, but I don’t mention it at home or anything.  I hate feet, all feet, no matter what, and don’t get me started if you don’t do your toenails.  UGH!  Okay, so our 8 yr old also has an issue with feet.  He won’t even let his older brother walk into his room if he is not wearing socks.  Now, this is after  he’s taken a shower.  So, I’m wondering if it’s in his DNA to hate feet or he’s just weird, like me.

At our house, we are big Discovery Channel viewers.  What I’ve noticed is that while watching Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs or Planet Earth, every other commercial is for Red Lobster!  And while watching Deadliest Catch, they show a commercial for Joe’s Crab Shack.  WUWT?  Seriously, what are they thinking?  We’re watching Planet Earth and they’re showing the sea creatures, and the next minute they’re on some one’s plate!  My son asked me, “Mom is that the lobster and clams we just saw under the sea?”  Of course I said no, but I was thinking, mmmmmm yea, those lobsters and clams look mighty delicious!  I think they do it on purpose.


It’s spring break here and we are stuck at home for the week. A lot of the kid’s friends have gone away so there’s not much for them to do. We will be leaving 3 weeks from today for our Disney World trip so we’re hanging out at home.  Weather-wise it was a pretty good weekend, but we woke up Monday to a freakin’ monsoon! It’s supposed to rain through Wednesday, be a little nicer, then be beautiful on Friday. So far we’ve been to the library. I know, fun, right? It was a last minute decision and they were going to close in less than an hour. J-Man absolutely didn’t want to go, but we finally convinced him. We get to the library and he’s looking for more “Don’t Let The Pigeon _________” books. They’re a whole series of books about a crazy pigeon who wants to do things like drive a bus, eat a hot dog, get a dog, stay up late, etc. J-Man finds these books hysterical and loves to read them to us. He was soooooo disappointed because they only had one and it was one we already have. He finally found some “Henry and Mudge” books and was a little happier. Sissy is into another series and was happy to find the next book. During all this they were constantly announcing that the library would be closing and please make your final selections. I hadn’t even had a chance to get a book. I grabbed 3 books real fast and after paying our fines from last time, we were out of there. After I got the kids to bed I settled in my chair and grabbed my first book. I started reading it and it sucked! I skimmed the book and it never got better! What a disappointment. So on to the next book. Crap! I’ve read it already, but didn’t realize it when I grabbed it off the shelf. That just leaves one lone book. I haven’t read it before and so far it doesn’t suck.

Monday, first official day of spring break, and the kids had a dentist appointment. I didn’t tell them about it until the morning because I knew J-Man would be upset. Even though I’ve tried to keep my abject terror of dentists a secret from him, I think he suspects, because he’s terrified of the whole thing too. I think my terror comes from a horrible dentist when I was little and also from watching the movie “The Dentist” during my overnight shifts at our local police department. Scary! So as soon as I broke the news, he got the saddest look and these giant tears started rolling down his cheeks. He didn’t say anything at all, just silent tears. We go out in the freakin’ monsoon and get to the dentist. Before we walked into the office, I asked him “Now, you’re going to be good and do what they say so we can be done fast?” and his answer “Ya, so I can get out of this stinking place.” He wanted Sissy to go first and fortunately she had no problem with that. Finally, it was his turn and I went in with him. He was walking down the hallway towards the room and all I could think of was the movie “Dead Man Walking”. His little shoulders were slumped and he was shuffling along, carrying his Yoshi. We lucked out and got the nice hygienist, not the cranky Australian one. He did okay, but then they wanted to take x-rays. They’ve never been able to take x-rays of his teeth because he has a hyper-sensitive gag reflex and they don’t want to push it. Today was no exception. Once again, the big tears started and he just looked so sad. They gave up and back to the room we went. The bad news is he has 2 cavities, although I can only see one. They want to fill at least one of them before we leave and they’ll need to use nitrous oxide or they won’t be able to do it and that’s going to cost a small fortune, because insurance doesn’t cover it. At least Sissy doesn’t have any cavities but they want her to see an orthodontist and also before we go. I’m sorry, but it’s not like she’s having an orthodontic emergency. So the answer was no and we’ll be waiting for summer. Puh-lease! So far a supah-fun spring break!

I have 3 weeks before we leave and I’m starting to freak out a little. Today I made my list of things I need to do and some of the things we need to bring. Top of the list is to find J-Man’s birth certificate. Now, I know I have it somewhere because I needed it when I enrolled him in kindergarten a year or so ago. But where it is now, I’m not so sure. I need it because he will celebrate his 7th birthday while we are there and they are having that “Free admission on your birthday”. We already have our tickets, but he can get a gift card equal to the amount of a child’s one day pass to spend on his birthday. So you see why I need it. Looks like I’ll need to tear my desk apart to find it. I’ll let you know next Random Tuesday if I find it or if I have to make a trip to get a new one.