Mental Defective Monday~24

Happy Mental Defective Monday!  You know what’s funny, every Monday our Mom will ask us this question, “Did you put anything on today, or is it just that thing you do when you make fun of people?”  For some reason she doesn’t like our Mental Defective Monday, but I like it.  I find it really funny sometimes what people search for, yes sometimes it’s disturbing, but we don’t tell you those one’s.  Those we read, throw up, take a shower and then try to get the image out of our heads.  So enjoy…..

1. throw up hot dogs –  Did you want to see a picture of that or something?  Because that’s gross.  Hey, have you ever noticed once you eat something and then throw it up, it looks like you didn’t chew it?  It’s like it went back together again.  Weird huh?

2. computers rot your brain screen – looks like J-man’s stand-in pediatrician has been Googling again. Check this out if you missed it the first time

3. Stacy’s butt – I know I have a nice butt, but unless you’re creepy, old Hugh Hefner offering me a ton of money, you’re not gonna see it…..ever!

4. My son is a dumbass – I’m guessing your son is probably in his 40’s, and either lives in your basement or in the same room he had when he was little.  He probably doesn’t have a job and spends all his time on the computer….am I getting warm?

5. Why thirsty with ruptured spleen – Wow, I bet you’re in a lot of pain right now, and guess what…you searched for that and ended up here at our site.  I bet that ticked you off huh? 

6. monkey butt hug – Why in the world would anyone want to hug a monkey’s butt?

7. how to negotiate las vegas brothels price – First off, are you the guy from #4? (see above), and second, if you need to negotiate the price, you probably shouldn’t be scraping the money up for it, and third, you’re a loser, plain and simple.  Oh, and NO OFFENSE(I always forget to say that before the rude stuff!)

8. dumb ass hawaiians –C’mon why are you singling out Hawaiians? Every state has their share of dumbasses!

9. coffee mugs shaped like a monkey – My main question is, what part of the monkey do you put your mouth on to drink out of??

10. monkey butt sticker – I think we found our first big seller. Right up there with monkey butt tomatoes and monkey butt beer.

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