What'cha Looking At?????

Okay, I was trying to nap today because I do have mono and a cold, but that wasn’t happening.  Apparently, Elle had something to tell me.  Did Ellen finally look at our blog and want us on her show?  Was Phil from the Amazing Race interested in us for the next season??  NO!  But guess who was…..The US Department of State.  WTH?????  What do they want with bluemonkeybutt?  They were on our site for 35 minutes today!  Doesn’t the State Department have bigger fish to fry at the moment?  They were on our homepage, but also clicked on other pages.  Elle said they looked at a lot of my posts, so I guess she was warning me in case a big black car pulled up to my house with men that look like Men in Black came to take me away!  The other scary thing is they put in our website address, they didn’t google us, they didn’t search for monkey’s or butts.  WTH? We’ve made it into the X-files, where’s Fox Mulder when you need him…oh that’s right he’s in rehab for a sex addiction.  Oops, my bad.

Elle didn’t want me to write a post about them, but it’s kinda freaking me out.  Elle said, “maybe someone just likes us at the State Department”, I said, “yea, that’s why you called me 4 times to tell me about it!”  Mum thinks it’s just a janitor, but don’t they only work at night?  Could you imagine them going to the President….”Mr. President we have a situation here…it’s called BlueMonkeyButt. Com”  I can just imagine the  President now, “what’s that…a monkey….I love monkeys they make me laugh!”  Elle told me she’s not going down with me, but I guess that figures since she won’t save me if a bear mauls me either.  So, to all of you out there in case I disappear at night when I walk the dog, thanks for reading.  All future email correspondence should be addressed to Stacy @ Guantanamo Bay. 🙁