Random Tuesday Thoughts


If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It used to be brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom but she’s taking a hiatus. Okay, it’s been a really long hiatus but Random Tuesdays still rock on with help from Stacy .


Doing strength training is a good thing. Using a machine to lift weights about your head is also a good way to realize that you may have forgotten to shave the day before.

Going to bed at 1am and getting up at 5:30 a.m. is not fun, no not at all.

Using a crock pot to make a meal before work is very convenient, except when you realize that you are out of 3 of the key ingredients to make the meal….

When you son/daughter starts doing their homework without being asked, and then offers to go clean their room, be aware, they want something. They may not bring it up that day, but sometime during the week, they’re going to be asking for something.

You know you’re starting to get old when you get mail for a nursing home, a Rascal Scooter, and coffins. Either that or your sister thought it would be funny to send those to you. Thank goodness I stopped getting that damn wig catalog. Thanks Elle….

Some people do not have mirrors in their homes. I can only assume that after witnessing what they are wearing when they leave the house.


That’s right! I forgot to renew your wig catalog subscription! Better get right on that.

Yesterday I got my first phone call of the year from the school. I was already in a horrid mood because of a computer issue that caused my computer to shut down just as I was about to hit the “Apply” button on my application for the Disney Mom’s Panel. Ugh! I lost everything I wrote! Then in the midst of that I get the phone call from the school psychologist from J-Man’s school. Ugh! It’s only the 4th day people! She just wanted to touch base with me to see how the summer went (awesome because he was home) and if we had talked to his pediatrician about the issues (yes, she doesn’t see any issues) the school brought up last year.  I was probably a little curt with her but I was annoyed. I feel like last year was a wasted year for him with all the stuff he went through. I was hoping it would be better this year with a new teacher and it’s started already. His pediatrician said that if they keep pushing the issue, just say, “Thank you for your concern and we are working on it with our doctor.” She also said that with so many kids in a classroom they just aren’t set up to accommodate kids with different styles of learning.  It’s going to be a loooooooooong year!