Socks, It's What's For Dinner.


If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It used to be brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom but she’s taking a hiatus. Okay, it’s been a really long hiatus but Random Tuesdays still rock on with help from Stacy .


I guess it’s finally time to turn the heat on in our house. Brrrrrr…..  My husband shuts it off in the summer and he hasn’t turned it back on yet. Something about wanting the kids to move their toys and stuff away from the heat registers and how it’s a fire hazard, blah, blah, blah.

Sissy left a sock on the floor behind the dining room table about 2 weeks ago.

 I’ve moved past the “why is there a dirty sock behind my dining room table?” to just pick the damn thing up. I have asked/told her a bunch of times in the last to weeks to pick up that stupid sock. Of course, it would be way easier for me to pick it up, but I totally refuse to. I’ve vacuumed around it, stepped over it and made sure nobody else picked  it up. Yesterday, I’d had enough. I told Sissy “Pick up this sock because if you don’t I’m serving it to you for your dinner!”

Guess what was on Sissy’s dinner plate last night. At least I was generous enough to give her ketchup.


Last week I came home from work with an couple of temporary additions to our family. I work at our local humane society and a very young mother cat and her tiny baby came in. The story was the landlord was bringing them in because the tenant skipped out and left them behind in the empty apartment. He set the carrier right on the counter in front of me and the little baby was behind her mom peeking out at me. Being the receptionist I don’t always see the pets brought in, but these two, I couldn’t miss. I sat there at my desk thinking about them and how we have too many cats at the shelter already. After and hour I ran in the back and offered to foster them.

I came home from work and put them in the laundry room. I went upstairs into the kitchen and told my husband “I need to tell you something.” His first instinct? “What happened to the truck? Did you have an accident?” Apparently 2 extra cats weren’t as a big a deal as something happening to the truck. Besides who could resist these two?

A friend posted this on Facebook.  Totally made me LOL! At least I’m not fostering anything that looks like this!


I need a vacation.  A real vacation.  I figured it out the other day, I haven’t had a real vacation, where I actually went somewhere and had a week off for about 8 years, and even then it was only going to Maine.  Since I live in New England, going over the border to Maine doesn’t really count.  I want a vacation in a warm climate, far far away.

I’ve also come to realize that I don’t make enough to cover the gas back and forth to work.  Last year the company moved to a location further away.  Last year it wasn’t too bad, but whether the price of gas/groceries/kids/everything has gone up, I’m just not making it anymore.   I’m usually doing the “cross your fingers and hope you don’t run out of gas” until Friday thing!

I think one of my son’s is going to become a hoarder, well okay, maybe not a hoarder but a really, really big slob.  He has this habit of leaving wrappers/cups/trash where ever.  It drives me insane!!  The thing is, he wants his room clean, but anywhere else in the house he could care less.  It’s like the sock thing at Elle’s, although I can tell you that when one of my boys leaves a sock lying around, you know it, and you cannot leave it there!  It smells like something crawled up under the table and died there!!

Okay, that’s all I have on 1 cup of coffee, no fancy pictures, no real humor going on, but I was here and I did them.  That should count right?  Since yesterday while talking to our Mom Elle beeped in, and when our Mom came back to me she said, “Elle said tell her to do her Random Thoughts!!!”  She’s so bossy!  😉


Bossy? I wouldn’t need to be bossy if someone actually showed up to blog more often.

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