If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It used to be brought to you byKeely at The Un-Mom but she’s taking a hiatus. Okay, it’s been a really long hiatus but Random Tuesdays still rock on with help from Stacy .


Have you ever noticed that if you leave a little bit of cereal and milk in a bowl for a few hours, that cereal will be cemented to the bowl? Seriously, I don’t know what they put in sugary cereal, but whatever it is, when it comes in contact with milk and a bowl, turns into industrial strength glue.

I went Christmas shopping today with my parents. It was a nice afternoon, and we found everything we needed. (Thanks Mum!) I looked for some party dresses because I have a few parties to attend this month and next. And I found two dresses each marked down to $14.99 each, and I had a $10 coupon! So $19.99 for two dresses that would of cost $140.00! Awesome deal! Yeah for JC Penney!

Kittens and Christmas trees don’t mix well.

Kittens and Christmas decorations don’t mix well.

Kittens and Christmas lights don’t mix well.

Kittens and wires, and plants, and people food, and trash, and hair elastics, and toliet paper rolls, and legos, and earrings, and anything glass, and anything fragile, and anything made out of tuna, and toys, and pens and anything you don’t want them to get into……don’t mix well.


Every year we go to a local tree farm and choose the most beautiful tree we can find to be our Christmas tree. Every year it’s one of the traditions everyone looks forward to the most. But every year we all seem to have selective amnesia. Going out on a snowy day and walking in a hushed forest full of evergreens to find your perfect tree is the stuff Christmas carols and cheesy holiday movies are made of. We fall for it every year. On reality it’s usually bitter cold with a wind that sucks the holiday spirit right out of you. We can never unanimously agree on the right tree. It’s too big, it’s too small, it’s too skinny, it has a bare spot and the list goes on and on. Each child wants to be the one to be the tree picker outer and that leaves someone with hurt feelings. It would be easier to broker Mid-East peace than it is to keep the peace between the wanna-be tree pickers. By this point we are all so cold and grumpy we just pick any tree, cut it down as fast as we can and drag it to the car. By the time it is tied to the roof we all nearly frostbitten and noses are running. Instead of choruses of Oh Christmas Tree we get choruses of I’m cold, I’m freezing, I’m tired and when are we going to be done?

This year was a little different. We don’t usually cut our trees down until this coming weekend but this past Sunday it was almost 60 degrees out! We were able to take our time and pick out the perfect tree. J-man found the tree and said “I don’t think I’ve ever picked out the tree.” After some debate and a little more looking that’s the one we went with.


At the same time his sister finished sawing the trunk he said “You didn’t tell me you were gonna kill it!”

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