Meow Monday

Mondays we usually join up with Oreo from Small Town Mommy . He seems to be off this week and I hope it isn’t because I’ve been hinting that they should adopt one of the kittens I’ve been fostering. I wouldn’t want Oreo mad at me.

We adopted George last year and he has become my son’s best friend. George is also my son’s favorite photography subject. Here are a few photos I’ve come across.

George with his Favorite Toy
Hiding and Ready to Pounce
I See You

Now it’s time for our Pet of the Week from Lollypop Farm.






Shadow is a 9 year old domestic shorthair with beautiful markings.  She’s a bit shy and retiring but, once she’s checked you out, will be ready for lots of loving.  She is available to eligible adopters over 60, free of charge, through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors for Seniors program.  This lovely lady needs a new home.  Come visit her at our Fairport location.