Heat Scrooge & Cute Kittens, Time to get Random


Well today was the first of a few days without a cell phone.  I posted on Facebook that I wouldn’t have it for a little bit, you know just so people didn’t think I was ignoring them.  Because, I would never do that.  You would have thought I had posted that I was going to live without electricity or live on the streets.  I got so many messages asking if I was okay.  I know having a cell phone is great in an emergency, but honestly it’s not the most important thing, and it’s just too expensive at the moment.  I’ll live, I’ll just have to finish my Words with Friends and Scramble games at a later date.  Elle’s kicking my butt (as usual) anyways!

Is it just me or are clothes getting uglier now?  All the clothes are 60’s-70’s style, hippie, flowy pleasant blouses.  And the colors and busy designs on them are U G L Y!!  Who wears this stuff and who decided it’s “in”??  It’s not flattering at all, wearing some busy humongous shirt with sequins!!  I guess I’ll keep wearing the same old stuff because I’m not finding anything new at the mall.

I finally broke down and put the heat on tonight.  I never thought I was going to be the “Heat Scrooge” but I was.  I actually had put a piece of tape on the thermostat that was labeled, “do not touch.”  If my damn neighbors would stop being “Heat Scrooges” too, I wouldn’t of had to put my heat on yet!

My oldest doesn’t eat a wide variety of food.  Unless he’s at a friends house and he’s being polite……at home if I try to make him eat something he doesn’t like, he throws it up.  Yeah I know, gross.  Tonight I asked him what he wanted for dinner.  After going through a few ideas I said, “oh you don’t like pork right.”  To which he answered, “no way.”  Then he suggests spare ribs.  I said, “you know that’s pork right?”  Kids.  I guess he wouldn’t know what meat it is, I mean, who knows what kind of meat is in chicken fingers (if any).


I do have a tendency to get a little competitive on Words with Friends. What can I say? It’s the same reason I beat the pants off of the self-proclaimed Scrabble Queen and took her crown.

Thanks to The Big Bang Theory I realized that while I actually hate monkeys, if I ever owned one it would totally have to be a smoking monkey. How cool would that be? Unless he feel asleep with a lit cigarette and burned the house down, then it wouldn’t be so cool.

I need a kitten corral. The 5 foster kittens are about 3 1/2 weeks old and are very mobile. Every time I go into the laundry room they all come running and meowing. They are starting to try to follow me out of the laundry room too. I don’t know how I’m going to scoop up 5 fast little kittens. It’s going to be an interesting 5 more weeks. At least they are just about the cutest litte things ever.

See what I mean! Holy cuteness Batman!

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