Christmas Music

Okay, I know it’s early and we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet, but the radio station I listen to is playing Christmas Music.  Normally I would say it’s way too early, but hey it only happens once a year and then it’s gone.  Well, me and my partner in crime “J” share a cubicle at work, so we share a radio, and well today we got “talked to.”  Yep you guessed it, “NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC ALLOWED”.  Let me just say that I am not an angry person by nature, it’s people that make me angry!  We have a new management person who has her own office, but apparently she doesn’t like Christmas Music, so she made “J” change the station.  This is our conversation:
ME: What’s Up?
CFO: Oh, I just made J change your radio station because I can’t stand the Christmas Music
ME: Why? You have your own office?
CFO: Well I can hear it, and I don’t like it.  So you cannot listen to it until after Thanksgiving.

Okay Burgermeister Meisterburger.  Okay, at this point there were A LOT of things going on in my head!  First off, it’s my radio, second why can’t I listen to what I want at my desk?  Everyone else listens to their own music.  I don’t like country or soft rock, but I don’t go around telling people to shut it off!  Oh, wait, I guess I don’t have the “POWER” to do that.  Sorry, but I choose to use my powers for good, not evil!  I don’t know, don’t you think the company has bigger problems than it’s employees listening to Christmas music?  But I guess you can only make big decisions like that when you make six figures.  Since she has been there she has instituted no sneakers on Friday, moved the funniest person in the office to Exile Island, and instituted hand sanitizer in the bathroom.  Big important changes.

So for now J turned on the “ROCK STATION”, where most of the music has radio edits.  Like J said, “she’ll be wishing we were listening to Christmas music!”  I think J has been sitting near me for too long!  So my tongue really hurts from biting it today, and it’ll hurt more on Friday at our staff meeting.  Can you tell I have a problem with authority??  I don’t know if I am conveying that or not.  I so need to be rich and famous!!