Shhh.. I Think I Hear Big Foot Calling.


I’m having trouble being random today. Ugh! How hard can it be to just be random? Apparently, very hard!

Last week The Oregonian newspaper published a story, along with a purported audio recording, of a Big Foot screaming in the Oregon Wilderness. Ummm…. okay, sure. Go ahead, click here and see I mean, hear for yourself. The audio isn’t very good, but hey, it’s Big Foot. The rumor is that it’s a young Big Foot who has gotten separated from the rest of his Big Foot family. I admit. I couldn’t quite figure that out how they got that particular story from the screams but hey, I’m not the Big Foot expert. I don’t know, maybe they have a Big Foot interpreter.

One of our favorite shows is Grimm. I really hate this loooooong hiatus they have been on and they aren’t coming back with new episodes until March 8th! C’mon, that’s like forever. When they do finally come back, I hope they kill the Juliet has amnesia/is obsessed with another man because of a spell story line. She is just so needy and whiny. I know she has amnesia because of the psycho cat scratch, but seriously, that girl needs to pull up her big girl panties and man up. Another annoying fact is she is supposed to be a veterinarian. What kind of vet doesn’t have their own pets? Nick needs to dump her instead of giving in to her whiny demands. Or Nick should watch a few seasons of Supernatural and learn to be a little more like the Winchesters.

Last night I burned 2 of my fingers while I was making dinner. It was a totally unfair burn. I was wearing an oven mitt and it was completely dry. The pan I took out of the oven burned right through the oven mitt and I couldn’t get the pan to the counter fast enough. They are still sore this morning but at least they didn’t blister. See, totally an unfair burn.

J-Man has been working hard on his first big project. It’s a research paper of Eleanor Roosevelt. He’s less than thrilled over the subject matter. In researching his paper he’s learned about alcoholics, polio and boarding school. It’s a laugh a minute. If you need to know anything about Eleanor Roosevelt, I’m your girl. I’m just going to file all this information into the useless facts section of my brain. That’s because I excel at remembering useless facts. Of course my husband doesn’t see the useless facts thing as a positive. He would be happier if I excelled at things like housework and making more money. Go figure.

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