Social Distancing Day 5

Social Distancing Day 5

It’s social distancing day 5 and we made it through the first week. Here are a few thoughts from this week.

1. I actually don’t like wearing my yoga pants and a sweatshirt every day. Who knew? I for sure didn’t see that epiphany coming.

2. As much as I love being home, and let me assure you, it’s a lot, I don’t enjoy it as much when I have to stay home.

3. Watching too much news coverage makes me anxious. So I ended up changing the channel to the Andy Griffith show. Of course, it was a weird episode where some family wanted an arranged marriage between their adult granddaughter who already had a child and 10- year-old Opie. What the actual hell??!! Because they wouldn’t take no for an answer, Andy and Opie signed the contract and then Andy said some magical type words and the signatures disappeared. The family, scared Andy and Opie were witches, didn’t want witches as in-laws. But, they all stayed friends and sang songs together. All kinds of wrong!

4. I spend a lot of time watching Supernatural because demons, vampires, and leviathans are less scary than a global pandemic.

In other news, New York State is pretty much on lockdown. Almost as soon as the governor made the announcement, my husband received an email from work. Attached was a letter instructing every employee to print it out and carry with them in their car. The letter basically states that the company they work for is deemed essential and they are going to or from work. This way, in case you’re stopped and asked why you’re out, you have proof. So, ya, that’s a thing now.

Today I’m grateful for a husband who takes care of me when I’m sick and is a fantastic cook.

Social Distancing Decor on mantel a jar and a sign the reads love

Take care of yourselves.