Naughty Mother Nature, Pet Monkeys, & Dodgeball


This morning I walked into the kitchen and to my absolute horror, this was what was outside my window!


Really? I’m so sick of this. Mother Nature needs to get her act together. It’s April and the kids are on spring break. Spring break, not winter break!

I really hope it’s not going to be one of those years where we go from winter directly into the summer heat. Not like we have much of a choice.

In just a smidge less than 2 months, I’ll be on my way to Disney World with my husband and without kids! Yes, without kids! We’re going to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Yes, 30 years and we still have young kids at home and we’re grandparents. But, Disney without kids!! I’m already working on our must-do list.

I heard on the news that Justin Bieber had his monkey confiscated at customs in Germany. Apparently you need proper paperwork to bring your monkey into another country. Good to know next time I try to bring a monkey into Germany. I want to know if it was a private jet or a regular flight because there’s no way in hell I want to be trapped in a plane with a monkey. Holy Monkey Pox Batman! I think there should be a rule for celebrities that once they reach monkey-owning status they need an intervention. Who the hell needs a pet monkey?


Today I thought Thing 2 was trying to get me for April Fools Day, before school he pointed behind me and said, “look Mom, a big bee.” Of course I didn’t believe him until Thing 1 yelled and ran out the door. Sure enough there was a ginormous yellow jacket right behind me. My fianc√© found another one later. Great, one of my greatest fears, having bees in the house. Now I’m paranoid that’s there’s a humongous nest somewhere hidden in the walls. I may have to move.

I think it’s funny that my boys try to act all cool and grown up, but when it comes to their Easter egg hunt, they were all excited about it and had a blast finding eggs. I had even asked them if they were too old for it but they said, “no way we HAVE to do it!” I agree, some things you’re never too old for.

A nearby school has banned dodgeball. I think my youngest would quit school if they banned it.¬† His school even has an after school dodgeball league. I’m not a fan of dodgeball, but I don’t think it needs to be banned.


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