Random Disney Vacation Thoughts

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We got home late Sunday night and I’m still recuperating. I have no idea how my husband got up and went to work on Monday morning.  I have no idea because I was sound asleep and never heard a thing. I spent Monday doing laundry, unpacking, feeding children who are constantly hungry and are constantly asking “What can I have?” I feel like a waitress being asked what today’s specials are. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them, they still ask an hour later. Really, again? Nothing new has magically appeared in our pantry or fridge in the last h0ur. The choices are same! But no, I have to list them all over again. Same thing is on the schedule for today.

A few random observations from our vacation

A lot of kids throw up at Walt Disney World. I swear we were seeing kids throwing up left and right. The worst was while we were at the Magic Kingdom. Some poor little girl barely made it out of the restaurant we were eating in. Then she was outside the door where we had a perfect view of everything. Glad we didn’t have to deal with any of that personally.

Disney has better quality soap and shampoo at the more expensive resorts.

According to my husband I took 1296 pictures while we were away. He did buy me a new camera to take lots of pictures. Anyone want to see them? I didn’t think so.

Even though we had a night at the Polynesian without our children it’s completely impossible to get away from any children at Walt Disney World. For some reason the place is just swarming with them. At least our room was kid free until the next morning when we went and got them.

At the beginning of the week I confess to golf cart envy. It seems like everyone at Fort Wilderness rented a golf cart to drive around. The place is absolutely huge and it was too far to walk to the pool, Trading Post, Settlement and Marina. But the bus transportation was quick and easy and it didn’t cost another $60+ per day. You have to figure that most days you’re only going to use it to drive to the main bus stop and then again from the bus stop back to your site. But they did look like they were fun to drive around in. We managed just fine without it.

It was great to see our Disney Daughter again and the kids were so excited. While we were away my husband had his birthday and we also celebrated our anniversary. She surprised us with tickets to the Luau at the Polynesian and a room for the night kid-free! It was so cool, fun, awesome and just the best. We have always wanted to stay there and see the show and it was just as great as we imagined. Thanks again DD!

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