Minecraft Pumpkin & Early Thanksgiving, It’s Time To Get Random!

Minecraft Pumpkin courtesy of J-Man.


He did the pattern and I did the actual cutting. Luckily I ended up cutting the pumpkin and not myself. I did manage to break the blade on the little carving tool they provide in the pumpkin carving kits. It went flying through the air and landed in my lap. Who knew pumpkin carving was so dangerous!

I thought for sure he would want a Minecraft themed Halloween costume this year but I was wrong. He wants to be Mega Man  instead. Not just any Mega Man, no, it has to be the “vintage Mega Man” not the “New Mega Man”. Like I could tell the difference. I guess I should get busy making it. I hope it’s vintagey enough for him. I really miss the days when I could make puppy, kitten and bunny costumes. These video game themed costumes don’t really thrill me. Then again, it is for him and it’s not all about me. What’s up with that?

I’m spending way too much time watching the World Series. I have so much to do but hey, it’s the Red Sox! Who are you rooting for?

My daughter’s boyfriend was visiting from Virginia over the weekend so we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner because she won’t be home for the “real” Thanksgiving. Thank goodness my husband is an awesome cook. He spent the day getting everything ready while I was at work and I only had to make the pies. Everything was sooooo yummy.

So we had Thanksgiving on Saturday, watched “Christmas Vacation” on Sunday and then we’ll have Halloween on Thursday. Kind of a jumbled holiday season.

Don’t forget to stop on over and say hi to Stacy. She’s really holding down the fort on the this whole Random Tuesday thing despite all the crazy things going on in her life. She’s amazing!