Meow Monday

I love this picture of Snuffy giving Rosie a bath. She was purring the whole time. Just a few minutes before I took the picture she was trying to get Snuffy to play by biting at his paws and swatting him. He just ignored her until she stopped and then he started to give her a bath. A few minutes later she was sound asleep.


Now it’s time for our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!



Maureen is a 2 year old female domestic shorthair mix with tortoiseshell coloring and beautiful lime green eyes! She is finding life at the shelter pretty stressful and we’d like her to find a new home as soon as possible. Come meet Maureen at Lollypop Farm!

We usually join Oreo from Small Town Mommy on these Meow Mondays but he seems to be on hiatus. You know how these divas can be. I’m hoping he returns soon!