Lap Cats Meow Monday

Yesterday afternoon Snuffy was cuddled up in my lap, purring away, when Kimmy Kong shoved her way in and onto my lap, crushing Snuffy in the process and proceeding to sit on top of him. Poor Snuffy! He could barely breath with that behemoth on top of him.


He was definitely not happy at all


Here’s our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week! The very aptly named Cider!



Cider is a 2 year old female domestic shorthair mix. She an affectionate girl who is good with other cats and dogs. She loves to play with paper balls, use the horizontal scratching post, and keep an eye on things out of the window. She is pretty close to perfect! Come meet her at Lollypop Farm!



Oreo is still on vacation but you can still stop on over to Small Town Mommy and say hello!