Random Up

It’s entirely possible I haven’t done a Random Tuesday post since November. How can that be? I checked and apparently it is very possible.

Just one week ago we got back from our trip to Disney World. Of course now that I’m home it’s a constant blur of taking care of the kids, homework, housework, real work, grocery shopping, sick husband, and all the other fun stuff that comes with being an adult. I guess that’s why it feels like it’s been months since our vacation instead of just a week. Really, just a week?

Did you know that if you put butter on a Lean Cuisine meal it tastes so much better? You’re welcome.

The weather here is still pretty sucky. Every morning I hear the weatherman say “It’s colder than average”. I’m so sick of it. I can’t wait until he says “It’s warmer than average” then we’ll all complain about how hot it is. Because that’s what we do. Although it may take a little longer for the “It’s too hot!” complaining to start this year.

My mom loves going to yard sales and finding all sorts of treasures. She’s found some really beautiful things over the years and some really interesting things. Last year she bought an Art Deco lamp that she just loves. The base is a woman holding a stained glass fan and the fan is the light. My mom went on and on about how much she loved it but the fact that the lady didn’t have any clothes on bothered her. Leave it to my mom to come up with a solution.

If you have small children send them out of the room or if you’re easily offended don’t look!

Here’s the naked lamp lady before

random up - naked lamp lady after

Here’s naked lamp lady after my mom has made her acceptable for company.

random up - naked lamp lady before

Yes, I did pull her tissue paper dress down in that first picture. I’ll admit it made me feel a little creepy pulling down the naked lamp lady’s tissue paper toga dress. The things I do for you all.

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