My Best Friend/Therapist/Sister/Comic Relief

Nice picture huh?  I know you all are jealous of how rocking Elle and I are in this pic from the late 70’s early 80’s!  Let me first point out that Elle is the older one probably in her teens, and I Stacy am the younger one probably 4 or 5 years old.  When I asked mum to email me a picture of us when we were younger, my youngest son saw it and I asked him who he thought was in the picture.  And he said, “I don’t know, but that’s a funny looking boy right there”.  I said, thanks, that’s me, which just made him laugh. 

The other day Elle and I were sending emails and I complained about someone (nothing new in my world), and I commented that I wasn’t here to make friends.  Which made Elle ask the question, where do you go to make friends?” The only answer I have is, nowhere.  I do have friends, but I don’t make an effort to make any, that’s for sure.  It’s a lot of work, and it’s just one more person to try to make happy.  Personally, I don’t feel the need to try to make people like me.  They either do or don’t.  Either way, I’m fine with that.  Plus, not being a big fan of people….it’s just not on the top of my to do list.  It also made me come to the conclusion that Elle is my best friend.  I talk to her on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times, and we email constantly (not when I’m working though).  For sisters that live so far away, we are awfully close!  It’s funny though for all the time we talk on the phone, which sometimes can be hours, we don’t really talk about anything really important.  Don’t get me wrong, we tell each other when something is going on but we don’t really talk about it.  We call each other for “comic relief.”  I know that whatever is going on that if I call and bitch to Elle, #1 she will listen, #2 she will agree with me (no matter what), and the most important thing #3 she will make me laugh.  We talk about people, work, the website, how we want to be rich and famous, and complain about whatever happened that day.  I tend to do more of the complaining though, big shocker right!  I started seeing a therapist one time in my life and let me tell you that soooo didn’t work for me.  The woman just ticked me off every time I went there.  She was dumb and stupid and it cost me $20 for her to make me mad!  Yea that lasted about 3 times before I decided calling Elle and complaining to her was much better and cheaper!  Of course Elle will totally make fun of me, but she’s allowed.  I expect it.  Otherwise if Elle or I starts being really nice to the other one then we will know that we are going to die or something!  That would just be weird!

I’m always confused when people will say how much they can’t stand their sister, or how much they annoy them.  I’ve never been jealous or ever been in a fight with Elle, I can annoy her though.  I’m a really sore loser, and an even worse winner!  And I’m sure she can list off other things that I do that annoy her.  Which to her I would say, “not everything is about you, so get over yourself!” 

I came to the conclusion that Elle is my best friend, and that she has to like me cuz I’m her sister.  Elle of course said, “there is no law that says I have to like you”  Which I answered with “yes there is, because if you didn’t I would tell mom, and you would get in trouble, and she would make you like me”  I’m the youngest, so telling mom always works!

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7 Responses to My Best Friend/Therapist/Sister/Comic Relief

  1. Amy Hoag says:

    So that is the way it works? I have one sister and now I know what you mean. A sister can sometimes be everything you need in a person and other times is the most annoying person ever but in the end you love each other!

  2. Jenn P says:

    My sister is my best friend too. She wasn’t when we were growing up though. We would fight all the time!

  3. mrsbear says:

    I am so not a people person, my real world friends I can seriously count on one hand and my sister too is by far my bestest. Growing up though, I despised having to take her everywhere with me. We’re three years apart and I’m the oldest. I think all the bullying flashbacks still make her a little afraid of me, but a little fear is a good thing. 😉

  4. Gibby says:

    I don’t have a sis, so I am jealous of my 2 girls. They are only 7 and 4, and most of their time is spent annoying each other, but I know that one day they will be best friends. They actually are best friends right now, but just don’t know it yet. (This is what gets me through the rough days when all they do is poke at each other!)

  5. Nina says:

    I am so jealous and wish I had a sister, instead I was stuck between two brothers and I have nothing in common with there wives so I didn’t even get a sister that way.

  6. Leanne says:

    Yep. I love my sister too. And we talk a lot about nothing as well. And then I have one girlfriend who I talk to a lot as well..about nothing. I guess I have two sisters. 🙂

  7. Meli says:

    I can so erlate to this.

    I love my sister but that didn’t stop me from trying to sell her (when I was 6) or telling me that she was adopted (present day). 🙂

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