Brat Cat Meow Monday

All of our cats have catitude, but Jezebel is the original brat cat. There’s no denying she’s a beautiful cat and she was very affectionate when she was a kitten, but once she grew up, she turned into a miserable brat. She lives with us, but beside being her source of food, she wants nothing to do with us. If we dare touch her or pick her up she gives us an annoyed meow and stalks angrily away. 

That’s been the norm until we got back from vacation. All of a sudden she loves me, a lot. She sits in my lap and meows and meows at me. She’s so weird. I’m giving it another week or so before she figures out that she doesn’t need us anymore. Shouldn’t be long now.

Here’s one cat who will love you, meet Rose, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.



Little Rose is a 1 1/2 year old female domestic shorthair mix who’s looking for a new home, some window sills to perch on, and some warm laps to snuggle into for her next life adventure. Come meet her at Lollypop Farm!