Fall Fur A Feline Meow Monday

Starting today, it’s Fall Fur A Feline at Lollypop Farm!

Orange tabby kitten on a blanket

We adopted this little ball of fluff six years ago. She was brought to Lollypop Farm as a stray and was just two months old. We fostered her and she was a little wild girl. She was incredibly messy too. She finally calmed down and we ended up adopting her. Jezebel was such a beautiful kitten.

She’s still beautiful but definitely a bit of a diva.

One of her favorite snacks is paper. She loves napkins, tissues, and toilet paper. But the paper that truly drives her crazy is the tissue paper you use in gift bags. We can’t put our gift bags until it’s time to open them. Then Jezebel starts circling and acting like your very best friend. All in hopes of eating some paper. Of course, paper isn’t good for cats which makes things a little difficult around here. All the napkins and tissue boxes are up high and we keep the bathroom doors closed. When she is sneaky enough to grab a napkin she runs off with it and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard paper ripping from another room and had to run in and wrestle it away from her. She likes to tear off thin strips and eat it like spaghetti.

She loves to play with crumpled up pieces of paper, like receipts. She treats those like special treasure and carries them around in her mouth.

Recently, she wanted to be in my daughter’s room, but the door was closed. Jezebel ran downstairs and brought up her treasured crumpled up papers and deposited them outside the door as a gift. Then she meowed until my daughter let her in. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Now is the purrfect time for you to adopt a cat or kitten at Lollypop Farm!

How about Dahlia, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.



Calico cat

Dahlia is a beautiful 8-year-old calico who is looking for a family. She came to Lollypop Farm from a home where there were too many pets. Dahlia is a sweet, calm kitty who loves to sit on a lap. Now through Sunday, November 11, Dahlia’s adoption fee has been waived during the Fall Fur a Feline adoption special! Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Dahlia today!