Spring Meow Monday

This weekend we finally had a good taste of spring weather and Snuffy was happy to go outside.

Snuffy, a black and white cat, on a leash enjoying the outside.

He loves to explore outside while we safely supervise him on his leash. He snorts and snorts the whole time. We’re hoping for more spring weather so he can get out and explore even more.

Have you ever tried a leash on your cat? We started with Snuffy when he was just a kitten and he’s never been outside without his leash and harness. He knows what it means when we pull them out of the drawer. He comes running and wiggles so much from excitement we can barely get the harness on. Once outside, Snuffy walks us and we just follow along behind him.

If you’re interested in leash training your cat or kitten, you can pick up a leash and harness specifically made for cats at your local pet store or online. If you’re local to the Rochester, NY area, you can purchase one at the Lollypop Shop inside Lollypop Farm in Fairport, NY.

Leash and harness for cats

Your purchases directly help the animals at Lollypop Farm and it’s Snuffy’s favorite place to go back and visit.

Meet Glory, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Glory, a dilute tortie cat, at Lollypop Farm

Glory is a beautiful 3-year-old cat who is looking for a new home. She came to Lollypop Farm when her owner sadly passed away. Glory has a lovely dilute coat and bright, inquisitive green eyes. She loves to cuddle up on a lap and get scratches under the chin. Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Glory today! Learn more about her: www.lollypop.org/cats.