Social Distancing Day 3

Social Distancing Day 3

Social Distancing Day 3 has been harder day. I’m really not feeling well and I’m not sleeping. I tell myself it’s just a nasty cold with a bad headache and cough. I feel the pressure to be all better because of everyone counting on me and it’s causing more stress.

The weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so we are planning to take our lunch at the same time and get some fresh air. Maybe that will help.

We had better luck with the school work today and a nice note from one of his teachers. I really appreciate what all the teachers are doing to keep our kids learning from home. I know they’re worried about their own families and working hard to make sure our kids are taken care of.

Today we heard the news that all malls need to close and all restaurants need to be takeout only. Businesses must cut their onsite staff by 50% and our county is asking for non-essential businesses to close.

Both of our employers are considered essential so there will be times we need to go in to help out and take care of things.

Social Distancing Easter Bunny candy jar with chocolate

Today I’m grateful for chocolate.

Take care of each other and practice safe social distancing.