Social Distancing Day 2

Social Distancing Day 2

Social Distancing Day 2 is on the books. My motto is to take it one day at a time. Especially while things are changing so rapidly.

We had a little resistance with school work today but we are all still not feeling well so I didn’t push. So we sat down and came up with a plan for tomorrow. We are pretty set with our makeshift workspaces. My husband has taken the dining room and I’m in the living room. They are both far enough apart for us to be able to both talk on the phone and not bother each other.

Things in Italy are worse. More people are dying and the warnings that they were in the same place with numbers of positive patients that we are now only two weeks ago.

My Facebook feed is full of positive posts, negative posts, and posts from people who still think we are overreacting. It can be overwhelming to see so much negativity over and over.

The news is reporting on local people who are ill and have all the symptoms of the Corona Virus and they aren’t being tested because they are saving the tests for the sickest patients in the high risk groups.

Social Distancing Day 2 Boston Cream pie

We may be eating our emotions with the Boston Creme Pie we picked up at Leo’s Bakery on Pi Day. All the pies were $3.14 off. I feel like we kind of used a loop hole because Boston Cream Pie is really cake. Either way it’s delicious.

Today I’m grateful for Boston Cream Pie.