What? Who Me?

Ya, I know he looks pretty innocent and usually Toby  is a pretty good dog. He’s almost 1& 1/2 so he is still a big goof and we’re still trying to teach him manners. I got home from a class the other night and found him with one of my slippers. Our other dog, Shadow, wasn’t anywhere near him and he had his head turned to the side, which is his way of saying, “Toby did it and I didn’t have anything to do with it. See my head’s to the side and I didn’t see anything so I can’t be called as a witness.” Shadow was trying hard to look innocent and Toby had the slipper on the floor in between his paws. He looked up at me and his ears went back, giving me his “Damn, you caught me. I’m in big trouble and you’re gonna ground me and take away my chew toys.” look. I picked up the slipper and it was soaking wet. I don’t know what he did to violate my slipper because it didn’t have any chew marks on it and the floor wasn’t wet, just the slipper. I shook it at him, giving him the bad dog routine  but I don’t think it sinks in.  Eventually he’ll get there.