It's Gonna Be One of Those Days

I woke up to dog vomit this morning. Not just dog, DOG VOMIT. Piles of dog vomit all over the kitchen floor are what greeted me this morning. Mornings are hectic enough trying to get everyone ready, breakfasts, lunches, hair brushed, teeth brushed and then to have all that horrible vomit added to it was just lovely. I didn’t know the dog even ate that much or maybe he’s been saving up. It was so bad our other dog wouldn’t even go near it. He was all like, “didn’t do it and don’t even want to look at it.” which is really saying something because he’ll eat anything. Both dogs seem fine this morning and I don’t have a clue what set off the vomit  machine, but all day at work today I’ll be worrying about what I’ll be coming home to. My day can only get better, right?