What? Are You Looking at Me?

Okay, here goes my first “blog”, which let me tell you, with dial-up internet, is truly a mind numbing process! Yes, you read right, we do not have high speed internet yet! We live in the boonies, and are not yet able to get it. Maybe someday will be in the 21st Century. Until then I will do what I can, I do have high-speed internet at work, but until I’m a millionaire, I think I better write my posts at home. Here goes:

Every day when I got home from work I would find every single kitchen cabinet door open. The ones on the top, and the bottom. This is very odd, as I did not open them, and no one was home to do it either. It was a scene out of Poltergeist! This happened on numerous occasions with no explanation of what or who was doing it. My husband joked that it must be the old lady that used to own our house. On the verge of calling “Ghost Hunters”, and making a fool out of myself on cable tv, I see this, our cat, laying in the cabinet on the dishes. Apparantly laying in a window watching the birds or on a couch is not as comfortable as laying in a kitchen cabinet. So, this is our cat, who is very strange, with a very strange name. Our then 5 year old son named him Starfox, after a video game character. This is my life, never boring, and a little strange sometimes.