Beezlebub & Cat Years

We’re in the midst of February break here at our house and about the only good thing I have to say about it is I can sleep in. Like this morning I was up at 7:22 instead of 6:55. Wow! Those extra 27 minutes of sleep were amazing. Man! Do I ever feel rested! But beyond that it’s pretty much been suckville around here. Usually we spend Valentine’s Day with my parents because it’s our Dad’s Birthday and our daughter’s birthday. We’ve been doing that for 19 years, but this year our daughter is at Disney World for her internship. Our Dad turned 80 and they were at home and we were here. I felt terrible that we weren’t there.

That was also the day I got the worst migraine ever! Let’s just call it Beezlebub. It started before I left for work, but Beezlebub hadn’t started ripping out my brain at that point. No, it got worse at work. I know, go figure. It got so bad that I had to come home. Just last week my doctor gave me some samples of Maxalt-Mlt for my migraines. So I took one as soon as I got home. They are supposed to be fast acting because they melt on your tongue. Apparently, they don’t work on Beezlebub. So I suffered for 3 more hours, wondering how we were going to go to the ER with 2 kids because I knew I was having a stroke or an aneurysm. It was so bad that if someone told me the french-kissing a chihuahua would cure it I so would’ve done it. I’m not ashamed. Finally after 3 hours Beezlebub backed off a bit and I took some Tylenol and chased that down with some Advil. I’ll tell you it was some fantastic Valentine’s Day.

Sunday J-Man was sick and slept off and on all day. In fact, he never got out of bed, well, our bed anyway. His fever got up to 103.2. Lots of Tylenol for him and yesterday was pretty much the same. He woke up fever free today and is finally out of bed. Which leads me to the housework that needs to be done. I really haven’t done any since, well, ummm, hmmm, I don’t know. So basically everything needs to be done and I don’t have the excuse that our little boy needs me to be next to him all day. Great! So what have I been doing you ask, well *googling our cats and dogs ages in people years you silly. Did you know a 16 year old cat is really 83 in people years? Not me. A 9 year old cat is 53. Wow! **Also, did you know that the oldest house cat ever lived to be 34? That’s in real years. So now that I have all that important stuff out of the way I can start cleaning the house…..but I have always wanted to know what the biggest litter of kittens on record is….I hear Google calling me.


*Honey is you’re reading this on your lunch break, I’m really cleaning the house, not googling crap about cat years in people years. For realz.

**If you see my husband, don’t tell him the oldest cat lived to be 34, because he just may shoot himself, him not being a cat person and all.