Happy Birthday Meow Monday

Yesterday was Jezebel’s 7th birthday. I guess that makes her a senior cat but we aren’t going to mention that fact to her. She’s such a diva.

And next week, Snuffy is going to be 19!

Black and white cat

These two birthdays had me wondering how many people celebrate their cat’s birthdays. I went to Google to find out and could only find statistics on people who celebrate their dog’s birthday. Why no cat stats, Google?

I suppose I can see why more people celebrate their dog’s birthday. Most dogs are going to be super excited about the attention and extra special treatment. Cats don’t care. At. All.

But, Jezebel still had her birthday photoshoot even if she hated every minute of it. Because that’s how we roll. Thanks to @samanthabee_sewing for the great pics.

Fluffy Siamese mix cat wearing a birthday hatFluffy Siamese mix cat wearing a birthday hat

No cats were harmed in the making of these photos, Jezebel’s just a giant floofy drama queen.

Fluffy Siamese mix cat wearing a birthday hat

Finally, the beautiful birthday photo!

Fluffy Siamese mix cat wearing a birthday hat

Happy Birthday, Jezebel. We love you even though you barely tolerate us.

Meet Miss Kitty, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Tabby cat

Miss Kitty is a lovely 7-year-old cat who is looking for a new home! Sadly, she came to Lollypop Farm when her owner passed away. Miss Kitty is shy at first, but warms up quickly! She’s a calm older cat who is looking for a quiet home. Miss Kitty has been waiting for a home for quite a while, so her adoption fee has been waived, and she can go home for free! Stop by to meet her today! Learn more: www.lollypop.org/cats