Random Tuesday Thoughts

Keelyat The Un-Mom started Random Tuesday Thoughts and we thought we would join in the fun. Stop by her blog and check out her awesome randomness.


Last week I discovered that nobody else has ever heard of Kimba the White Lion. Anne, from Small Town Mommy put it very nicely when she asked if maybe I was a teeny bit older than her. I don’t know about that, but I prefer to think of myself as hipper than all of you and just up on my Japanese Anime.

J-Man has been obsessed with unlocking all the characters on Mario Kart Wii lately. For days he’s been trying to get Baby Luigi and I’ve been helping him way more than I want. So tonight I “helped” him get Baby Luigi. He was soooo excited and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I said to him “You’re pretty lucky. Not every mom helps their kids with video games.” He looked at me and said, “Ya, most other moms have lots of work to do.” So there you have it. He’s just like his dad in sooooo many ways.

You know, you never think about your thyroid until it goes whacky. That’s the medical term…Whackyrama Thyroiditis and I have it. It’s such a fun rollercoaster of hormones. It was up and I lost a bunch of weight…great! But the side effects of rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations, tremors and super anxiety weren’t so much fun. Now it’s back down. Unable to lose a pound, freezing cold, extreme fatigue, brittle hair, all fun too. So, I’ve taken meds for Hyper Whackyrama Thyroiditis and now for Hypo Whackyrama Thyroiditis.

 We’re going through a “Simplification” process at work. They’ve decided that we don’t need scrap paper anymore, their reasoning is it’s all on the computer. Except it’s a little hard when you answer the phone and there’s nothing to write on. Hello! I’m a mom, which means I have Mom Brain. I can’t remember things anymore. Also, we’re only allowed 3 pens per station. It’s even labeled, “Max 3 Pens” WTH? Who gets to be the pen nazi? What happens if we have 4 pens there? I think they put a rabid raccoon in your car while your working and then even someone with Mom Brain won’t forget that you can only have 3 pens.



I have constant random thoughts throughout the day, but I’ve come to realize that when I need to recall them to write them down for this post, I cannot for the life of me remember them!  Just call me Dory!  I used to be a big fan of “The Real World”, I was until I became a grown-up and had to live in the REAL REAL WORLD.  I cannot stand to watch these whiny, crying, drunk, slutty, useless teenager/young adults that they find.  All they do is drink, have sex, and then cry because their life is so hard.  HELLO ?  I think MTV needs to take them out of their parents home, put them in a fully mortgaged house, with children, bills, jobs, then make them get laid off and figure out how to live.  That my friend is the REAL WORLD

Have you noticed that McDonald’s Filet of Fish commercial gets stuck in your head every time you see it?  If you live in a cave and have not seen it yet, it is a fish on a wall singing “Give me back that filet of fish”.  It’s funny the first time you see it, unless you are under the age of 12, then it’s funny every time you see it.  I find myself singing that song throughout the day.  Damn you McDonald’s!!

I live near a Hannaford Supermarket, it’s a new one, maybe a few months old.  The people there are SUPERnice!  I don’t mean a little nice, I mean Stepford, Robotic, way too super happy to be working at a grocery store nice.  Even my youngest will not go to the store with me, he will ask, “you’re not going to that crazy nice store are you, cuz those people freak me out”.  They freak me out too, and I’m not 8 yrs. old.

Don’t buy name brand jeans at Walmart.  This isn’t really a random thought, more like a cautionary tale.  I bought a pair of L.E.I. jeans at Walmart for $8.00.  Apparently the third world sweatshop that makes them is cutting corners, because my whole ass backside ripped open at work!

And speaking of me ripping my jeans…when people heard that I had they would say, “turn around, let me see”.  Which I would and then they would gasp!  Why did everyone feel the need to see, and why the hell did I keep turning around and showing them!