Mental Defective Monday 20 ~ What's on Your Mind Monkey Butt?

Hey, it’s Monday again, and you know what that means. Time for more crazy, weird, strange, sometimes gross, but almost always funny searches that bring people to our little blog.

1. my husband is a dumbass: Really? That’s too bad. What does it say about you since you married him!?

2. swingers at Disneyworld: Ewwwww! This isn’t the first time this search has come up. It’s just gross, okay, no swingers at Disney World. Besides, aren’t you all too busy “swinging” to go to the parks?

3. What’s on your mind monkey butt:  Okay, is monkey butt supposed to be a term of endearment here or is it meant as an insult or even stranger, do they really expect a monkey butt to answer?

4. Monkey Butt Industries: Ah, yes, Monkey Butt Industries, which will someday be our corporation where we will churn out lots of little blue monkey butt paraphernalia.

5. why do people’s butts look weird: They just do.

6. picture of a monkey smeelin his butt:  What the hell is smeelin and how would a monkey do this?

7. what is a monkey butt tomatoe: First off, it’s tomato, not tomatoe. Doesn’t Dan Quayle have anything better to do?

8.  take off your badge and why don’t I drop ya: Somehow we come up as number 1 of 73,500 results when this is Googled. I swear we’ve never taken on someone wearing a badge.

9. with all due respect youre ugly: first off, you are = you’re not youre. Do you honestly think saying with all due respect really takes the sting out of the you’re ugly part?

10. monkey butt ugly: The whole monkey is ugly, not just it’s butt.