The World's Fascination with Butts

It’s that time again where we post the strangest Google searches that bring people to BMB.

1. sisters butt pictures

Yes, we’re sisters, but you won’t be seeing our butts. It’s not that kind of a website people! Move on!

2.  crazy Christmas traditions

You got us…our craziest Christmas tradition is where we wait until Christmas Eve to do all of our wrapping and assembling and we are swearing and saying we won’t do this next year. We fall into bed around 4am and the kids wake us up at 7am. I swear we aren’t going to do it again this year!

3. swingers in Disney World

Isn’t Disney World fun enough? Do you really need to swing there too? WUWT? I don’t want to picture my Disney hotel room as a swinger’s hangout. I want to picture it as a family hotel room, preferably a room that only clean and neat families have stayed in. I don’t want to get out my black light and get all CSI at The Grand Floridian.

4. Christmas monkey crafts

If you’re looking for crafts you’ve come to the wrong site. I hate crafts and I hate monkeys so move on.

5. crazy monkey butt and active monkey butt

Not sure how a monkey’s butt can be crazy or active, well, strike that, monkey butts are pretty active so they have all that feces to throw at us. Which brings us to

6. Beware monkey may throw feces on you

Truer words have never been spoken

7. Mom big butt. com

Once again, not that kind of site, move on.

8. Monkey butt treatment

Is there a treatment for monkey butt?

9. photos of people kissing their dogs butts

oooookay…why you would want to do this, I don’t know. Why you would take a picture of yourself kissing your dog’s butt is just way beyond my


10. dog tore butt open when pooping

Yowsa! Not going to find any help for that here.  Here’s a tip, try a vet!

So that’s our top 10 keyword searches. There are more, including one that has a very bad word that starts with the letter “F”, but if I wrote it, our Mom would be super angry and I don’t want to make her mad at me at Christmas. I haven’t gotten my present yet!