Aloha Friday~Bees!

Friday is the day that Hawaiians take it easy and get ready for the weekend. So in that spirit we’re asking a simple question. Head on over to An Island Lifefor more Aloha Friday fun and to sign Mr. Linky if you’re playing.

Yesterday my family had a run in with a swarm of bees. We had planned to have dinner on the deck by the pool, but apparently, those bees had other ideas. After traumatizing the children and forcing us to eat dinner inside they disappeared. For good? I think not. They’ll be back. Later that night I was talking to Stacy and she recounted her own bee swarm story.  Growing up, we spend a lot of time at our grandparent’s house in Maine. They lived in a big old farmhouse with 2 barns at the end of a long dirt road. For the longest time they didn’t have any phone, TV reception was horrible so when we were there we had the woods and our imaginations to keep us busy. Near her house, on the side of the road was some overgrowth of what we called bamboo. Now I know they don’t have bamboo in Maine, but that’s what we called it. I asked Stacy if she remembered the bamboo. “Hell yes! I remember the bamboo it was always full of bees.” One day I had the brilliant idea of riding my bike down the hill, doing a jump onto the road, skidding my bike and then riding down the road. I saw my big brother do it, so why couldn’t I? Down the hill I went, over the jump, landed on the dirt road instead of a super skid with a spray of rocks, I crashed headfirst into the bamboo. My immediate thought was “BEES!” I climbed out of the bamboo and raced as fast as I could down the road until I couldn’t run anymore. Somehow, in that moment, I had the outrunning bees super power. Then Stacy told me about the time she was walking in the woods with our cousin and they were attacked by a swarm of angry bees out of nowhere (really, what’s up with bees anyway? why are they so angry?) In that moment she also had the outrunning bees super power. She was stung only once and our poor cousin was stung 15 times. Last night we decided that we both had the super human power to outrun bees. If you are still reading here comes our question.

Are you as afraid of bees as we are?

Have you ever done anything crazy to get away from bees?

Do you have super power evading bee skills too?