The Demise of Poop Tree

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It’s brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom. She really knows how to rock Tuesdays so go and check her out and tell her the Blue Monkey Butt sisters sent you!


We’ve had some improvement in our poop tree. A friend suggested a website about Christmas Trees and it turns out we’re not the only ones to have poop tree. We did try baking soda in the water and I sprayed Febreze around that damn thing. Then we went to Yankee Candle to finally get a pine smell. So it’s beginning to smell a lot more like Christmas.

I keep forgetting to put my night time skin cream on before I go to bed. If I put it on in the day and take a nap that covers it right?

Even though I have like 5o billion things to do before Christmas, we took a break on Sunday and had a fun family day. We all went to the movies to see The Princess and the Frog. There is a small family owned theater in the next town. We like to go there because their prices are so cheap. For all 5 of us the total came to $28. That was admission, a big bucket of popcorn and 3 bags/bars of candy. The prices were great, but it was freakin’ freezing in there. OMG! It ws sooooooooo cold. Apparently their prices are so cheap because they save so much on heat.

My husband had a business trip on Monday. It was supposed to be a one day trip to Kentucky and be back last night. Well he made it for the first leg of his trip then sat in an airport in Michigan for 8 hours while they kept delaying his flight due to mechanical issues. They finally cancelled the flight and Delta gave him some meal vouchers and put him up in a Best Western for the night.  Everything was on time this morning so I’m keeping my fingers crossed he doesn’t have any issues on his return flight. He should be back sometime late tonight. Being a guy he didn’t plan for a change in plans like this. Never mind not having a change of clothes or toothbrush, toothpaste or razor, he didn’t bring his meds with him. Thanks to my reminding him, he did bring his insulin, even though “I’ll be back in time tonight to take it” was his comment. He better get home tonight and next time he will bring all his meds or else!

Stacy is MIA this week. Something about having too much to do.  I know, lame. You’d think it was the holidays or something. Stacy update: She facebooked me and said she did her RTT and saved them, but I can’t find it. If Ido, I’ll add it.

A little bit of work and I found her post,


I have been running around like crazy, just like everyone else right now.  I think I’ve finished my shopping as of last night.  When you run out of money, you’re done right?

Why do the kids have to have so many damn teachers?  And do they really want/need another baked item or candle?  I’m thinking no… although I should probably give presents to the teachers my youngest has, I mean he’s the one that they start a sentence with, “well, at least he’s cute, but…..”

To go to the grocery store we pass a Chinese Restaurant with a sign that says, “free rice with PuPu”.  No matter how many times we pass it, one of the boys will read it and then they will laugh hysterically!

When you read the side of a slimfast drink and it says, “keeps you full for 4 hours”, they are exaggerating a little….I’m full for about an hour maybe.  Then I need a snack, maybe that’s why it’s not working…..

Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Yes, I said it, it’s not a dirty word and I can say it if I want, and it shouldn’t offend anyone.  And if you want to say Happy Hanukkah to me, I will gladly say it back.  Quit the P.C. HAPPY HOLIDAY’S crap okay? 

Don’t forget to join us for What The Hell Wednesday tomorrow. I’m sure Stacy will have something after spending so much time in the mall Christmas Shopping.