Meow Monday – Tired Cat

Tired Cat

Let’s be honest once a cat gets older they sleep a lot. I don’t know why we use the term catnap when we want to take a quick nap. Seriously a catnap is more like 6 hours than 20 minutes. Cats have mastered the art of napping like it’s their job.

Rosie is an expert napper. She can’t hear anything so nothing disturbs her. Most nights when it’s time for bed I have to go find her and she’s usually sound asleep somewhere.









Meet Gracie, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.


Gracie is a 1 year old female domestic shorthair mix. When we took her photo, she was not used to being in the cattery which she handled by snuggling up under her towel. Now she’s a friendly girl who seeks out attention and loves to be petted. She’s at Lollypop Farm for the second time through no fault of her own and we’d love to find her a home where she can be your new best buddy. Come meet Gracie at Lollypop Farm!


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