National Puppy Day Meow Monday

National Puppy Day

Since it’s Monday, you can usually find a post devoted to cats. But when it falls on National Puppy Day, all bets are off. Here my 3 pups when they were puppies. Toby is an 8-year-old lab/chow mix,. Perry is a 4-year-old shih tzu/pomeranian mix, and Miss Molly is a yorkie and is almost one. They were all such adorable puppies! 

national puppy day

If seeing all these cute puppies all over the Internet on National Puppy Day has you thinking of adding a puppy to your family, please adopt from your local humane society. They have wonderful puppies and dogs who would make a great addition to your family. Both Toby and Molly were adopted from Lollypop Farm, our local humane society. We are so lucky to have our 3 wonderful pups! 

Don’t forget the cats! Here is our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week


Neko is a handsome 5-year-old male domestic shorthair mix. He’s got some beautiful orange and brown stripes. He was adopted from Lollypop Farm as a kitten and is back again to find a new home. Come meet him and see what a great guy he is!