Managing Food Allergies

Managing Food Allergies

Managing Food Allergies for J-Man and Sissy at Chef Mickey's

We’ve been dealing with J-Man’s egg allergy since before he turned 1. We have always been careful about double-checking ingredients, but this past Friday we messed up and he was the one to suffer. 

We always check ingredients on new foods, but don’t always double-check that the ingredients have changed. Unless the package states “New & Improved” or “New Formula” we take it for granted that nothing has changed. This time we were wrong and poor J-Man had an allergic reaction.

We’re lucky because his reactions have always been vomiting. Not that vomiting is good, but it’s better than anaphylaxis. So poor kiddo was sick during his birthday party. I couldn’t figure out why he was so sick, but while I was getting things cleaned up and J-Man settled, my husband went online and sure enough, the last thing he ate, which he’s eaten many times before, now listed egg yolk as an ingredient. Oh boy! Not what we wanted to find out and now he’s disappointed that one of his safe foods is off-limits.

Because he’s always been a picky eater, which, according to his pediatrician, is very common among children with food allergies, he has had very few accidental exposures. He always asks us before he tries a new food and will look at the ingredient list himself to be sure. Because of this, we have become a bit too complacent when it comes to his food allergy.

But not any longer, we know that with every accidental exposure the risk of his allergy changing from vomiting to anaphylaxis is very real. We saw the doctor this week and talked about his allergies and renewed his EpiPen prescription. Carrying an EpiPen is key to managing food allergies.

Later that day, I heard from the pharmacy that the co-pay was $135.00. Yikes!! That’s a lot of money, not that you can put a price on something that may save a life, but still, it’s expensive. I worked as a pharmacy tech for a several years and know that often times the drug manufacturers have online coupons to help with co-pays on brand name drugs. Sure enough, EpiPen currently has a coupon on their website which brought our co-pay down to $0! Yes, $0 for 6 EpiPens!

Head on over to the EpiPen website to download a card to bring to your pharmacy with your prescription to get help with your co-pay. Terms and conditions do apply and if you’re a resident of Massachusetts they have a silly law where you aren’t allowed to use coupons for prescriptions. Crazy, huh?!

In addition to the co-pay coupon, there is also a contest to win a vacation for 4 to Walt Disney World Resort. Really, go to their website. What are you waiting for?

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