Helpful Cats Meow Monday

Helpful cats, two words that don’t belong together. It seems like any project I start, they want to come help. Yesterday, I was trying to get a photo of my after-Halloween bargains. Rosie decided she needed to investigate my purchases.

Helpful Cats

I think they met with her approval. Zippy, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week, would love to help you with your projects!

Zippy #36648873
Zippy is an 11-year-old male domestic shorthair mix. This guy is keeping track of the Behavior staff in their office while he waits for some new humans to come adopt him.  If you would like to meet Zippy, ask at the Adoption desk and he will be right out.  Zippy is available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program.