What’s In My Bag?

Note to self, if you’re already Googling “Blog Post Ideas” on the third day of #Blogtober, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the month. So, what’s in my bag? I was switching out bags tonight anyway, so why not share what’s inside.

Two purses

A whole lot of nothing, that’s what. Super boring.

Junk from purse strewn across bed
Expired coupons, a pile of old receipts, mints, gum, migraine meds, ear buds, keys, checkbook, wallet, a Halloween flashlight I threw in my bag last week when we had to walk home from Homecoming at the high school, and an empty poop bag for the dog.

In defense of my boring bag, I’ve only been using the blue one for a short time and I haven’t had time to accumulate any cool or weird junk in my bag.

Yes, I’m switching out one Disney bag for another. Not that there’s as anything wrong with that.