Outsmarted by My Cat

Snuffy a black and white cat

Snuffy has been having some eye issues and his regular vet didn’t have an appointment until next week. We ended up taking Snuffy to urgent care, that’s right, there’s urgent care for pets. The diagnosis is that he has an injury to his cornea and we came away with instructions on eye drops, eye ointment, and pain meds.

We got home and got him settled. I cleaned his eye and did the eye drops and gave him dinner. I could hear him snorting and snuffling as he ate and as soon as he stopped I went to get him to finish up his meds. I couldn’t find him anywhere. My son joined in and we looked all over. He finally found Snuffy under my bed. It’s been 2 hours and there’s no way he’s coming out. He’s pretty grumpy from all of today’s activities and isn’t in a mood to forgive me. Now I’m waiting for him to decide he’s hungry and come back out from under the bed.

He acts so much like a dog, we forget he’s a cat. He’s totally acting like a pouty and angry cat right now.