Social Distancing Day 10

Social Distancing Day 10

Social Distancing Day 10 wasn’t the greatest day. I’m trying not to be stressed or show I’m stressed to the world. But, clearly, I’m stressed. Last night I had a dream where I was bitten by a stray cat and got rabies. So that was fun.

Today was also my first day out where there were actual people. I admit, I was excited to see different faces. Yes, we practiced safe social distancing. But, one interaction was really negative which ruined the whole thing. I’m usually good at letting things go and forgetting about them but today I struggled with it.

On the good side, the weather cooperated and we went for a walk tonight. I really didn’t want to. I wanted to pout on the couch but I knew the best thing for my mood was to get some fresh air. It did help and I’m glad I went. Now I’m on the couch, pouting, and watching Survivor.

The news is still depressing. More cases every day. We have no idea when or if our kids will go back to school. It sounds easy, stay home, but it’s isolating even with family.

It does make you appreciate people more. The few people we saw in our walk all said enthusiastic hellos and how are you doing? Before this there might be a half-hearted hello but that’s about it. So there are bright spots even if it’s a small one.

The cats are curious about my new desk in the corner of the family room. They climb all over it and just take it over. They aren’t the best coworkers.

Black and white photo of a white cat

They also seem rather judgy.

Take care of each other.