Social Distancing Day 18

Social Distancing Day 18

Social Distancing Day 18 was a beautiful sunny day. We need to go to the grocery store and pharmacy this weekend so we asked our daughter to make us some masks. I never thought we’d end up wearing masks to go out in public, yet here we are. I wonder how many of these new changes and habits we’ll keep or throw out once this is over.

Face masks from Nemo fabric

Now we have some nifty Finding Nemo patterned face masks. We’re just going to keep on swimming through this pandemic. Because that’s how we roll, or swim.

It’s looking more and more like masks will soon be recommended for everyone. Wegmans announced they will allow all their employees to wear masks while working. My oldest daughter works for a large chain pharmacy and they are actively discouraging staff from wearing masks. Wegmans is paying their employees an extra $2.00 per hour during this crisis and working hard to minimize risks of transmission to their employees and the public.

The weather was beautiful today so we went for a walk. Okay, so my husband had to “encourage” me to go for a walk because I wasn’t feeling it. I’m glad I did. It was so sunny and some of our spring flowers are ready to bloom.

Purple hyacinth

While the news is still bad, the stories of support, love, and caring show what a wonderful world we live in. we may be a divided nation in so many ways, but in times of crisis we show how much we truly care. I love seeing videos of people cheering health workers during shift changes. I can’t imagine how exhausting and emotionally draining their days must be.

Today I’m grateful for chocolate. I know this is at least the second time I’ve been grateful for chocolate but who doesn’t need a little chocolate to help them get through a pandemic?

Take care of each other.