Social Distancing Day 19

Social Distancing Day 19

Social Distancing Day 19, even though it’s a Friday, it doesn’t have the same excitement for the weekend as before the pandemic.

daffodil blossom

One bright spot was a video chat with a friend after work. It was great to see each other and talk and laugh. Definitely helped brighten my mood.

We watched the last two episodes of the first season of The Amazing Race and our favorite team won. Even though it was from 2001, we still enjoyed the race and seeing different areas of the world. Especially, since we can’t travel anywhere right now.

Our plans for the weekend are to put on our masks and get our grocery shopping done, then hunker down and stay home.

Still not any good news. There’s some fear and anger after Governor Cuomo announced that he had plans to take ventilators from other areas of the state for use in NYC. The president is still saying he wants to get sports going and fill those stadiums and maybe open churches for Easter.

Today I’m grateful for being able to video chat. Staying in touch will help us get through the tough times ahead.

Take care of each other.