Social Distancing Day 1

Social Distancing Day 1
Picture contains  laptop and monitor on a table

Social Distancing Day 1 and we made it through. All four of us have colds so in addition to J-Man being home because the schools are closed, we worked from home. I felt pretty bad about it since I was on vacation last week and today was supposed to be my first day back. But not the time to be contagious around other people.

The information coming at us can be confusing and the world has changed so much in just a week. On Friday we were assured schools would stay open and the next day all schools in the county were closed until further notice. I know it’s strange for everyone right now.

I feel like the best thing is to try to stick to a regular routine. The hope is we’ll feel like we have some sort of control over our lives and help keep anxiety at bay.

Today I’m grateful we are home together.

Since things are so crazy I feel like writing something each day will help but also be a record of what our lives are like. I’m hoping I can look back on this in a year and it will be just a memory and all our family and friends made it through okay.