The Big Reveal

This is a view from my driveway. To get to my front yard you have to go up these steps. Right now they’re great, but in the winter with all the snow they’re really tough.

This is the view out my front door. I’m such a softie, the fawn’s mother was hit by a car and because I felt bad for the little orphans I let them eat my plants. Hey, they didn’t have a mom and I saw Bambi when I was little. I guess I didn’t think about what they would do when they got bigger.

Right beyond the deer is the top of our garage. It was built into the side of the hill. That walkway leads to my front door and is about 40 feet long.  Here is a picture from inside my garage.


Yes folks, it’s a tunnel. I’m pretty sure that none of you have one of these babies. Aren’t you all jealous of my super cool tunnel aka The Bomb Shelter. Ooh, I can feel your jealous vibes from here. Thanks for everyone who took the time to guess.