June is National Adopt a Cat Month – Meow Monday

In case you didn’t know,

June is

National Adopt a Cat Month

Who doesn’t need a cat or even another cat? I probably don’t because the cat population at my house has reached the limit of my husband’s patience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt some cats and it just so happens that Lollypop Farm has specials on cat adoptions for for the whole month of June.

National Adopt a Cat Month


Here are two of my Lollypop Farm kitties. Snuffy and Rosie. It’s funny that our oldest kitty, Snuffy, and our youngest kitty, Rosie, are best friends. I can almost always find them sleeping next to each other and on the rare occasion I’m sitting down, they are almost always together with me.

Snuffy and Rosie always together and they say don't forget it's National Adopt a Cat Month

Snuffy and Rosie always together and they say don't forget it's National Adopt a Cat Month

Meet Rocky, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!


Rocky is a 7 year old male domestic shorthair mix whose family couldn’t keep him anymore. He’s fond of being brushed and petted and fed. Especially fed. (Note the tongue) When he came to Lollypop Farm, he was at an unhealthy weight so he’s been on a special diet which will need to continue once he goes to his new home. During the month of June, which is Adopt-A-Cat Month at Lollypop Farm, Rocky is available for a reduced adoption fee of $40. Approved adopters, age 60 and over, can take him home free of charge through the Seniors-for-Seniors program.


I missed Meow Monday last week since everyone was home for Memorial Day and when that happens blogging doesn’t happen. Definitely need to work on that. Because Mickey and Snuggles are still available, I’m posting them as well. What a plethora of cats today!





Mickey and Snuggles are 12 year old male domestic shorthair cats who are brothers. They have lived together their whole lives. They came to Lollypop Farm to find a new home when their owner went to live in a nursing home. We’d like to have them adopted together and are offering them as a 2 for 1 adoption fee. If you are over 60, you are eligible to adopt them free of charge through our Seniors-for-Seniors program. Ask at the adoption desk if you don’t find them in the cattery. They have been supervising some of the staff in their offices during the day but they’d be glad to come out and meet you.