Dear Fancy Feast

Dear Fancy Feast,

This is my cat Rosie. 

Isn’t she lovely?  

Although we can have a harder time communicating with her because she is deaf, she makes her likes and dislikes known. 
One of her likes is this one, and I mean the only one, flavor of canned cat food that she will eat. There is no other flavor of Fancy Feast she will eat, no other brand of cat food she will eat. Just the Fancy Feast Minced Turkey. 

So imagine my dismay when several months ago she turned up her nose in disgust at her dinner. The night before she gobbled it right up. The followong night she ate it no problem. Then the next two nights again she acted like I had put down the worst swill in the world and backed away in disgust.

On a hunch, I went to the recycle bin and pulled out the empty cans from the past several days. Hmmmm…. Low and behold, there were different dates on the bottoms so that meant they were from different batches. I went to the party and found a can with the older dates that she’d been eating and a newer date and opened them both and set them down in front of her. She wouldn’t touch the food from the newer batch but ate the other one without any problem. Mystery solved. 

I went to the grocery store and took out every can of minced turkey and checked the dates. The cans with the proper date I took and left the others behind for the other cats of the world who weren’t so discerning. It was really one of my finer moments, looking through the one flavor of cat food for the correct lot number because my cat was so particular she could even tell which can contained the food that had somehow strayed from the recipe making it unfit for her to eat. This may have been when my husband mentioned that time I noticed he’d added a tiny bit of maple syrup to his usually delicious baked potaot salad recipe making it completely inedible for me and how these situations were similar. I pretended I couldn’t hear him as I shuffled cans around looking for the proper dates. 

Fortunately, once that particular lot sold out and there were cans on the shelf with a new date, everything went back to normal for Rosie. 

You might be wondering why I’m bringing it up now, it’s because it’s happened again. Rosie won’t eat the most recent batch of Fancy Feast Minced Turkey. Something is off with this batch, which means I have to act like a crazy cat lady once again looking through every can of minced turkey on the shelves to find cans with a different date than August 2017. 

If you are looking for someone to do quality control on the Minced Turkey, and only the Minced Turkey, then Rosie is your girl. Otherwise it would be nice if every single batch of minced turkey was exactly perfect every single time because Rosie will know if it isn’t.  


Elle Burton