Social Distancing Day 8

Social Distancing Day 8

Made it through Social Distancing Day 8. I gotta say it was a long day. I’m still tired from being sick and didn’t get much accomplished. The cold and snow didn’t help at all. Some nice weather would really help enhance everyone’s mood.

patio table covered with a dusting of snow

I guess the good thing about this social distancing is I finally managed to find the time to do an update on the blog. I feel like it’s been on the back burner for a while now so it felt good to do some updating with a fresh new look.

There’s more bad news, more than 6,000 people have died in Italy. Massachusetts issued a stay-at-home advisory until April 7. Virginia schools are cancelled for the rest of this school year. Over 20,000 diagnosed cases in New York state.

Some bright spots this week, I connected with someone on Facebook who is sewing masks and sending them to people who need them for the price of postage. Signs reading “Everything Will Be Ok” popped up around a Georgia town. Today was National Puppy Day so lots of adorable pups filled up our Facebook feeds and the cats of the world all wondered what the hell happened to us?

Each day I say, we just need to make it through today. And here we are, social distancing day 8 is in the books.

Take care of each other.