Aloha Friday

Friday is the day that Hawaiians take it easy and get ready for the weekend. So in that spirit we’re asking a simple question. Head on over to An Island Lifefor more Aloha Friday fun and to sign Mr. Linky if you’re playing.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?


 I wanted to be a Flight Attendant when I grew up. Our Mom was one and our Dad was a Flight Engineer, so traveling is in our blood. We traveled a lot when we were little and I always loved flying on airplanes. I had the application for a Vacation Airlines Company that was based in Florida and flew to tropical destinations. It was all filled out and ready to go, but then I met my soon to be husband, so the application went into the trash. I wouldn’t trade the life I have now, it’s just funny how different things turn out!


I used to think that when I grew up I was going to be a famous author, go on book tours and travel. I was going to have a huge house with a library. Well, I do live in a house and I have books. I’m not a famous author, but I guess I can say I’m a writer, although, not one that is making any money or is famous. But, hey, it could still happen!