Random Tuesday Thoughts ~ My Mind is Racing!

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So today begins the takeover, well, not necessarily a takeover, but more of a shift in power here at BMB.  Those of you that know us are aware of Elle’s Family Vacation to Disney.  That means that I, Stacy am now in charge of the website, yep just me.  She has no control over what I do, she can’t edit my post or fix my spelling errors (which is a huge pet peeve, but don’t tell her I told you that)!  I will try not to cause too much trouble, I can’t our Mom is still watching, and she may report back to Elle.  It’s a lot of pressure for me, Elle is the brains of the operation here, (again, don’t tell her that, it’ll go right to her head!)   I’m debating about trying to see if I can get the U.S. State Department back (I have a theory on why they visit us from time to time).  But we’ll just start out tame, with some randomness, enjoy.

The first thing on my mind is a meeting I have with our youngest son’s teacher tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.  Yes people you read correctly, 7:30 A.M.!!!  I am NOTa morning person, never mind an EARLY morning person!  Ugh.  What I noticed is that ever since I received an email from the teacher requesting a meeting, I have gone over the conversation we might have, over and over and over again in my head!  I don’t even know why she wants to see me, I’m thinking it’s got to be bad because they normally don’t want to see you at the end of the year, so if they do, it has to be bad.  See, this has been what has been running constantly in my head all week!  What she might say, what I will say back, what will happen…and the thing is, I will probably be so sleepy I won’t remember a damn thing I was thinking about all week!

Speaking of teachers, my oldest teacher called my cell phone the other day.  I am not a cell phone person, I technically own one, but I rarely talk on it, never mind out in public!  She called when I was at the pharmacy trying to pay for 3 prescriptions, this was our conversation:  Hi, this is T’s teacher, “Mrs. Can’t Deal With Your Son” (not her real name),  “uh yea?”  “Well, T has been really distracted lately, and I want to make sure nothing is going on at home.”  “Um, uh, ah, noooooo, not that I know of”,  “well, he has not been paying attention in class so something must be going on”.  At this point I am hardly listening because I am trying to pay the cashier!  I say to her, “I’m sorry but this is not a good time for me to have this conversation, I am out running errands”  What I wanted to say was, SORRY I’M DISTRACTED RIGHT NOW!!!!  I told her about a boy that was really, really picking on him, but she said, “Oh that’s all fine now, it’s been dealt with“.  Oh yea, I’m sure he’ll stop now because you told him to!  There was some more rudeness from her, and she was waiting for an answer on WHY he is distracted.  Let’s see, is he worried that we’re going to beat him with spaghetti when he gets home?  How the hell do I know what’s going through my 10 year old’s head when he is in math class?  This is what I told my son, “T, you need to pay attention in class, because I don’t like having your teacher call and yell at me!”  I know, I have great parenting skills…

I would like to know how I became the All-Knowing Guru.  The All-Knowing One at home and at work!  At work whenever anyone needs any office supplies, they ask me.  I’m not the secretary, I don’t order them, and I don’t put them away.  Apparently I know where they are though.  The postage machine doesn’t work, let’s ask Stacy.  Huh?  Why me?  I’m not exactly Miss Friendly Helpful Girl!  But still they annoyask me about everything.  Even, who’s in the bathroom?  Where’s so and so?  How did I become every one’s keeper?  I can however tell you who does and who does NOT wash their hands at work!  At home the kids are always asking me questions, “Mom where’s my Torchek?”  Me, being supah smart, knows that a Torchek is a POKEMON, but I have no idea where it is!  I will NOT clean their playroom anymore, they are 8 & 10, it is no longer my job, so when they put something away (which is never put where it belongs), they should remember where they put it!